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To watch the step-by-step procedures for connecting your scanner to a PC, downloading the demo software and databases and more, scroll to the bottom of this page!

Programming Your RadioShack Scanner helps you use demo software to program your RadioShack scanner. Below are also some Internet resources for help programming your scanner by hand using the front keypad of the radio. Neither this web site nor the phone number 800-SCANNER has a service where you are taken step-by-step through the process of programming your scanner by hand. This site and the toll free number also does not have a service where you are taken through all the features and functionality of the scanner. For this you must refer to the owner's manual or see some of the free online resources listed below. Otherwise please contact your local RadioShack store for assistance. Note: For scanner frequencies log on to and click on the Database link.

To receive your free demo RadioShack scanner programming software and to access two free downloads of data for your area (the data is downloaded into the demo software and then sent to your scanner), click this link below which takes you through the entire free demo download process. First, a few important notes:

1. You must have the RadioShack USB scanner programming cable available at RadioShack stores or

2. Of course you must also have a PC (sorry, Mac software is not available) and one of the recent RadioShack model scanners.

3. At the bottom of this page are four short videos which walk you through this entire process. Please review the video before starting.

4. See all the resources and forums below for additional help with scanners if necessary.

Please click here when you are ready to start the trial download:

About this Page

This page is full of valuable resources to assist you in enjoying your scanner. For those having any difficulty at all getting the scanner programming software working this page will provide all the resources you need. Also, if you need help with the operation of the radio, we particularly recommend the which provides extremely detailed and clear instructions for many scanner models.

With the RadioShack scanner software to work the first thing you need is the RadioShack scanner USB cable which is available at RadioShack stores and

Connect the cable to your PC (standard USB end) and the other end to your scanner. Note that you will only need the extra small adapter for the older RadioShack PRO-2051 and PRO-83/84 scanners. Otherwise that adapter is not needed.

Then load the USB driver. You can download it from the link below:


RadioShack USB Driver

Wiki and Easy to Read manuals for selected scanners:

RadioShack PRO-163
Wiki -
Mark's Easier to Read manual -

RadioShack PRO-164
Wiki -
Mark's Easier to Read manual -

RadioShack PRO-106
Wiki - Wiki -
Mark's Easier to Read manual -

RadioShack PRO-197
Wiki -
Mark's Easier to Read manual -

RadioShack PRO-97 and 2055
Mark's Easier to Read manual -

RadioShack PRO-93, 95 and 2053
Mark's Easier to Read manual -

RadioShack PRO-2052
Mark's Easier to Read manual -


Download RadioShack Scanner Programming Demo software

Scanner Software Help PDF/Manual

Scanner Software Wiki for the PRO-106 and PRO-197 - Handy tips

If you are receiving a "Nothing Enabled Error":
If you have imported info into ARC500 and/or uploaded programming to your scanner and it say "Nothing Enabled", you need to assign the frequencies or talkgroups to a "scanlist". This can be done easily in the software by going to the scanlist column next to the alpha tag column, in either Coventional or Talkgroup under Scannable Objects, and typing in the scanlist number. When each frequency and/or talkgroup has been assigned a scanlist then proceed with uploading the information to the scanner.

For "Heap Error Messages" See this forum thread:

For additional information on RadioShack Object Oriented Scanners Programming and issues:

License Key Entry Important Notes:
If you purchase a copy of the software please be sure to TYPE the license key into the license registration fields in the software (found through the top menu bar of the program). Do not use copy/paste from the e-mail to enter the code as that will occasionally cause errors. Also be sure to enter the key exactly as shown in the e-mail. For example Key 1 is ALL CAPS. Also be sure to include the dashes ("-") in the key that you enter. Finally, please be sure that you purchase the key for the software you want (a few customers have downloaded software for one software program but have purchased the key for another program -- and this will not work).

Custom Scanner Programming:

If you are still having difficulty Scanner Master does offer a programming service for a fee where you send your scanner in to our offices for programming. The following link includes all the details and forms required.

USB Programming Cable:

You will need a RadioShack scanner USB cable to connect your PC to your scanner (sorry, no Mac software is available). You then start the software and you can download data into the radio. If you have not purchased the USB cable you can do so at most RadioShack stores and

USB Cable Driver Installation Manual [PDF]

Scanner Cases:

For rugged nylon and leather scanner cases to help you protect your investment.


RadioShack Scanner Programming Software Video 1

RadioShack Scanner Programming Software Video 2

RadioShack Scanner Programming Software Video 3

RadioShack Scanner Programming Software Video 4